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Willie Robertson, Duck Commander CEO - Donald Trump promised to put his star power on display at the Republican National Convention as staunch Donald Trump Supporter

'We had a Muslim president' says soap star Antonio Sabato Jr.

A fierce advocate for Donald Trump, actor Antonio Sabato Jr. said President Obama is a Muslim who is 'with the bad guys' in the Middle East

Kelleigh Nelson -- Lindsey Graham Says: "Trump Does Not Represent Us" | 12.16.15 |"Trump is nothing like the globalists running for president under the GOP banner. There is not a one of them who is an honest conservative. They hate Trump because he foils their New World Order Plans. They hate Trump because the people love him. They hate Trump because he has the ear of the American people. They hate Trump because he speaks the truth, and it resonates."

15 celebrities who love and endorse Donald Trump

Willie Robertson for Trump The businessman and star of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” supported Trump at a September 25 rally in Oklahoma

Bikers for Trump 2016 to identify state coordinators on a grass root level to organize and promote Trump rallies and events educating voters on issues confronting America. Connecting bikers with the sole purpose of electing Donald Trump President of