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1836 Northwest Trade Gun, converted to percussion cap.

Colt Thuer – This conversion is acknowledged as Colt’s first metallic cartridge revolver, produced from 1869-72, long before the Single Action Army appeared. One unique feature was the ability to shift back to using a percussion cylinder, which probably came in handy if a user were to run out of metallic cartridges, but still could obtain percussion caps, powder and ball. This M1860 “Army” revolver with the Thuer conversion cylinder in place also bears some well-aged ivory grip panels.

Northwest Trade Gun | Flintlock Musket

Glock, Wheelgun, ammo,and knives what else do you need? Just which ones do I carry concealed maybe? I like this kind of problem.

The Northwest Gun | Native Style

"DUPONT" was often the term used by trappers for gunpowder since it was the DuPont Co. that supplied most of the gun powder in the American trade. Museum of the Fur Trade. [Many Hivernant hunters & trappers from the British Northwest traded south at AFC trading posts along the upper Missouri River. Many would be familiar with this brand of powder. JE]

Contemporary Makers: Northwest Trade Gun Made by Cam Pitkethley and Donated for the 2010 CLA Live Auction