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American Pasqueflower (Pulsatilla vulgaris) – Walcott North American Wild Flower Prints 1925

Antique prints of "American Pasqueflower (flower)" from Walcott North American Wild Flowers 1925

анатомия цветов | 504 фотографии

1883 Antique Botanical Print Clematis Clematite Francois Morel French Flower : red wine on the wings

BERGAMOT Tea, also known as Oswego tea, has a pleasant orange flavor. Traditionally, Native Americans as well as settlers used bergamot tea as a tonic to treat fever, colds, coughs, nausea and sore throats. Additionally, the tea treats stomachaches, nosebleeds and insomnia and induces sweating, according to anecdotal reports. You can use the tea to make a poultice that treats headaches.

Bergamot Tea Benefits

Botanical art by Rhind:Date, Banana Palms, Jack Fruit & Pandanus

Date Palm, Banana Palm, Jack Fruit, Pandanus: Genuine antique print of Plants used as food from Vegetable Kingdom by William Rhind


Poppy ~ from 'Collectanea Botanica, or, Figures and Botanical Illustrations of Rare and Curious Exotic Plants Chiefly Cultivated in the Gardens of Great Britain' (a series of monographs by John Lindley

cup and saucer vine

"Cobaea scandens" - Botanical illustration from ‘Favourite Flowers of Garden and Greenhouse’ by Edward Step, published by Frederick Warne & Co