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looking at her... <3

Love her but she cant know

b4ab673ac83c9258deb172e39a77e100.jpg 500×1,712 pixels | Demons by Imagine Dragons

I can’t escape this now * unless you show me how - [demons // imagine dragons] / Dramione a weird ship but still

I still ship Dramoine.

I still ship Dramione. I DO NOT. Just because Draco loves Hermione, does NOT mean that Hermione should like Draco back. She has absolutely no reason to. He has given her no reason to.


Just a 2 pg comic strip inspired by and done for the contest over at Took me a ridiculously long time to finish though, esp since I've been so caught up. Snow the Drama

Dramione - Girl and Banana by fingernailtreez on DeviantArt

I remember once reading a fanfic where Hermione learns the arts of seduction (the title itself is Art of Seduction if I'm not mistaken). It was a nice fic, since Hermione got quite dominant over Dr.


This is not shipping Dramione it's just how they met Draco meets Hermione by

Dramione They are perfect!!!!!  And his damn he is a sexy sexy man.

Emma Watson (Hermoine) and Tom Felton (Draco) behind the scenes of Harry Potter. I ship Tom and Emma, not Dramione. But Tom and Emma.