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25 Trippy Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind


21 pinturas com ilusões de óptica de Rob Gonsalves

Oil painting reproductions of Rob Gonsalves, The mosaic mot handmade at our painting studio with hi-quality painting and canvas.

Widows Walk 1

Widows Walk 1

A Room Without a Floor    Stunning optical illusion made by Regina Silveira.

The Regina Silveira Series Redefines Interior Decor Published: Jul 12 References: reginasilveira and trendland

3D chalk art by Edgar Mueller

Chalk Art, West Dock, England photo and art by edgar mueller Illusions Street Art 1 Street art Amazing Art Collection

Flatland: Surreal City Landscapes by Aydın Büyüktaş

the infinite fragmented datawaves of oXane : Photo

Роб Гонсалвес  (Rob Gonsalves) Towers of Knowledge

"Towers of Knowledge" Rob Gonsalves (born in 1959 in Toronto, Canada) is a Canadian painter of magic realism with a unique perspective and style. He produces original works, limited edition prints and illustrations for his own books.

The beautiful and mind-bending illusions in Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves' paintings have a fun way of twisting your perception and causing you to question what in his paintings, if anything, is real.

25 Mind-Twisting Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves

25 MindTwisting Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves

The mind melting paintings of Rob Gonsalves - Imgur

The mind melting paintings of Rob Gonsalves

The mind melting paintings of Rob Gonsalves - Imgur

50 More Breathtaking 3d Street Art (paintings)  Artist Edgar Muellar

50 More Breathtaking 3d Street Art (paintings

Sidewalk Chalk Art "Star Mild" by Manfred Stader



"Community Portrait" Limited Edition - The Incredible Art Gallery

Rob Gonsalves, "Pilgrimage of the Tide" - original acrylic on canvas

Pilgrimage of the Tide ~ Rob Gonsalves

figure ground - Google Search

One of my favorite things that was shown to me during my elementary age years was an optical illusion. It was the very famous Rubin Vase (pictured below) which you can see in either two ways - as a vase or as two faces that are facing each other.

olaka-monahi.jpg (2117×1800)

Excellent and very narrative paintings of Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves