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Mongolia 1920s

Mongolia 1920s

Princess Tsai Lun in native Peking dress in 19 June 1922

Princess Tsai Lun in Peking dress in 19 June 1922 - China .the before-life of the fitted Qipao.

Empress Wanrong's- Her marriage to Puyi turned out to be an unhappy one. Some historians, Puyi and Wanrong did not consummate their marriage and they remained childless. Wanrong was known to have had some form of mental illness, which appeared to be curable by opium. She started smoking opium, with permission from Puyi, and gradually became addicted to it

The last Empress of China. Empress Wan Jung also known as Empress Wan Rong, Empress Xiao Ke Min and Empress Elizabeth, was the last Empress of China.

VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY: Chinese Woman - 19th Century

You will notice that pretty well all Chinese posed photographs will not have a smile in them.

Except for the bound feet, this could be Lin Mei Chinese Woman with bound feet- 1890

Chinese Woman with bound feet The Emporer's daughter was born with very tiny, deformed feet so he made tiny, bound feet the new fashion norm.

Что такое хорошо и что такое плохо: Фото североамериканских индейцев 19 века

With a face that tells a thousand tales, this unknown young woman was photographed in the Philippines by Dutch photographer Francisco Van Camp in The photograph's inscription describes her as an ethnic Chinese mestizo.