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Slow children 1000 points each

hhhahahahah me and my boyfriend joke every time we see an old person or child were like if you hit them youll get 100 points each! but sadly we know were not aloud to play that game! they should create a video game of this kinda stuff funny as hell!

Rock Machine: Straight To The Point

I feel bad for the snakes and insects. Donald - you're invited too Should we invite some other reality show people?

Skeptical. Better call the Scooby Doo gang to check it out.

Funny Signs Meme – Not Haunted Real Estate Sign from Remax Agent Kristy DeBruhl


Birds poop every 15 minutes. How long have you been standing here? by Funny Signs Gallery

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This sign really gets the point across

Caution Low Flying Aircraft This sign is definitely getting the message across.

The best piece of NYC street art ever.  A social etiquette campaign from artist Jay Shells.

The artist Jayshells made this sign targeting the texting-while-walking folks among us. I wholeheartedly admit, I'm just as guilty as the next person. Luckily, I haven't had any incidents like walking into a pole or off a cliff.

I think durex is trying to show us all why not to have kids, lol

Funny pictures about Durex Commercial (compilation), tagged with commercial, condom, durex, kids posted in Gags

Hahaha......House knows!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@     Dump A Day Random Funny Pictures - 69 Pics

House: Are you using your inhaler? Patient: All the time. House: You sure you're using it right? Patient: Do I look like an idiot? House: No.Why don't you show me how your inhaler works? Hahah, House MD tv show quotes

YES!  I need this by my desk at work...or in my living room...or.... ;)

You never know when a case of Jazz hands may break out. You never know when a case of Jazz hands may break out. You never know when a case of Jazz hands may break out.