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Glowism is dancing when there's no dancefloor or music.

Venise et sa lagune s’enfoncent inexorablement dans la mer

ERSDAC/JAROS, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team) | ... . © Nasa/GSFC/Meti/Ersdac/Jaros et U.S./Japan Aster Science Team

Glowism is dancing when there's no dancefloor. Or music.

Glowism is everything in moderation. Unless i'm already past the point of no return.

Glowism is when I glow and I can't stop smiling. And maybe I smile too much. To a guy. Like TOO much.

I can't wait for the day it all makes sense and I hope when that day comes it will be because of true love.

Glowism is always taking off my make up. Except when I forget obviously.