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from Faz Simples | casa e decoração do seu jeito

Organização de casa: 7 erros que deixam a casa parecendo bagunçada

A organização da casa pode estar comprometida cometendo um desses 7 erros. Dicas para organizar de modo simples e rápido.

Everything reminds me why :) I love you. Everything you've done for me is just amazing and there is nothing anyone can say or do to change that. You are and always have been my destiny <3

Marriage is a piece of paper but trusting that she will put forth as much effort as I to make each other as happy as we are today, everyday for the rest of our lives...that's what makes it work, not the government filing a piece of paper away in the system that can be destroyed by another piece of paper. You can tell me I can't get that paper, but you can't stop my heart from making her the happiest girl in the world and vice versa. <3