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AFAWFAY WEEK 40 Hello, It’s AFAWFAY’S week! I felt that I ought to come out with something extra spectacular this week, but believe it or not, my inspiration came from a cooking pan.

week 32

AFAWFAY WEEK 32 Hello, I’m currently experiencing a rainy weekend, meaning everything feels gloomy to me, and as much as I want to bum around all day, I can’t since I have to work for this week’s.

week 22

AFAWFAY WEEK 22 Hello, My week was fabulous considering the 2 day holiday which resulted to a 4 day weekend.

week 26

AFAWFAY WEEK 26 Hello, Week 10 is by far, my most beloved design here in this challenge, that’s why for this week’s design, I decided to go with another cork + tire combo.

week 27

AFAWFAY WEEK 27 Hello, So I enjoying playing around with my new iPod Touch and I just realized that I’m addicted to Temple Run. Also, I think it’s time that I get a postpaid broadband plan so I.

week 42

AFAWFAY WEEK 42 Week 42 Hello, This week’s design inspiration: Park bench. End result: Scaled park bench for individual seating.

week 36

AFAWFAY WEEK 36 Hello, So we’re finally down by 12 more designs, which mean we only have 3 months left until we reach 48 designs, which will ultimately complete the 1 year challenge!

Puzzle stools!

AFAWFAY WEEK 28 Hello, So, the most memorable thing that happened to me this week was when a friend told me how much she loved John Green’s book, The Fault in Our Stars.

cork chair!

AFAWFAY WEEK 17 Hello, I just started watching Downtown Abbey this week and I LOVE it! I’m halfway through season 1 as of writing this, and I’m totally in love with Dan Stevens a.a Matthew Crawley!

Week 48 - Finale

AFAWFAY WEEK 48 Hello, For this challenge’s final week, my design inspiration came from a magnet. I have to admit that the inspiration idea didn’t come directly from me, but from a friend who.

modern classic using canvas sheets and used tire

The original idea for this design was to make the tire seating as a standalone piece.

week 15

AFAWFAY WEEK 15 Hello, I have been busy these past few days with personal projects that I was actually afraid that I might not be able to produce something for AFAWFAY. Luckily, I was able to come up.

week 41

AFAWFAY WEEK 41 Hello, This week’s design is a flat-pack furniture!