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Explore Dominant Color, Scientific Method Lab and more!

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Scientific Method M and M Lab

M and M Scientific Method Lab, Follows the six steps to find the most dominant…

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Skittle Scientific Method Lab

Follow the steps of the scientific method to discover the most dominant color of…

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Oobleck Lab-Solid, Liquid, or Gas?

Oobleck lab with scientific method format. Follow the scientific method to find…

5.1 Students will use the scientific method in an experiment with M&Ms or Skittles in water and other liquids. They will make a hypothesis, identify the independent and dependent variables, and collect data to make a conclusion.

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Roller Coaster Marble Lab

STEM lab-Fun and easy lab to reinforce speed, velocity, acceleration, forces…

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Acid, Base, and pH Lab-Strong vs. Weak

STEM-Acid and Base lab designed to use common household solutions to find pH…

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Tin Foil Boat Lab-Archimedes' Principle

STEM-Tin Foil Boat Lab-Archimedes' Principle.Fun and easy lab to reinforce…