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Sex is critical for your ability to fulfill your moral obligation to extend your family line. Not only it is the best way to conceive, it is also an important relationship activity to maintain a relationship with your spouse long enough to transfer family values and wisdom to your children. Sex, more specifically orgasm, produces more than 30 hormones, including oxytocin and vasopressin that create the mental bond between husband and wife.

GOOD NIGHT MY FRIENDS Dreaming of you makes... My night worthwhile... Thinking of you makes me smile... Being with you is the best thing ever... And loving you is what i'll do forever... ...

Andabamos sin buscarnos aunque sabiendo que andabamos para encontrarnos y aunque no creo en el amor a primera vista creo en el querer a primera noche; y te dije que pasaria porque sabia que sabias que sabias que querias... Canserbero - "Querer querernos"