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3 Pack 100% Organic Lavender Sachets 3 for Drawers by WhimsiLand

3 Pack Organic Lavender Sachets 3 for Drawers by WhimsiLand

DIY lavender sachets

Make these lavender sachets tutorial and 45 BEST Charming Lifestyle DIY & Tutorials EVER.

Porta-talher, que idéia genial!

Fabric baskets for drawers. Utensils, pencils, anything! Wonder if you can make them from paper for hot dog roll holders?

Made one of these for a gift. Now I need to make one for myself :) Heated rice pad

Rice Shoulder Heating Pad, with Lavender Project would of been perfect for sil birthday gift~ great idea for someone who needs to apply heat to the neck and shoulder area like ME!

BOLSA DE MEZCLILLA......bolsa mezclilla

Old jeans DIY cute bags jeans can not wear and do not throw away! This bag is old jeans yo ~ ~ beautiful ~ ~ ~

Cool beach towel bag/blanket

DIY sunbathing towel (via the golden adventures: Summer Series - Project