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Too bad you were such an asshole. You'll eat your words one day Kevin and you'll truly feel what you did to me. I won't be around either. I'll be doing great things with someone so much better than you. I'll forget you ever existed, just like you wanted.

Inspiring Quotes good, better, best, never let it rest until the good become the better and the better become the best.

Motivational poster designed by Andrew Murphy. Based of the quote the poster shows how you are the only person in life who can set boundaries and build walls. If you want to achieve something you are the person who has to guide yourself in that direction.

Se separaron. Ella tomó el camino de la izquierda. Él, el de la derecha. Pero olvidaron algo. El mundo, es redondo..

Cuando la ignorancia envidia y critica......la inteligencia observa, escucha y ríe.! :) !!!

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