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Chatter Busy: David Bowie And Mick Jagger's Gay Affair: Shocking Revelations By New Book

After Fatty Arbuckle was accused of raping and killing the young actress Virginia Rappe (he was innocent), his career was ruined. He attempted to make films under the alias "Will B. Goode", but everyone knew it was him and the films flopped.

The popular musician made the transition to Hollywood easily, starring mostly in musicals. After his death, one of his sons published a book in which he desribed the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. Gary said he was emotionally abused through his father's obsession with his weight and was also beat, sometimes hard enough to draw blood. While some family members were outraged by the claims, Gary's brother stood by him and verified the stories.

Most Shocking Celebrity Scandals of 2013

Most Shocking Celebrity Scandals of 2013 - From Reese Witherspoon's outspoken arrest to Joe and Teresa Giudice's fraud indictment, celebs were in hot water!

Gary Cooper Patricia Neal had a torrid affair during the filming of "Fountainhead", which almost cost him his marriage. 1949

Gary Cooper and Lupe Velez....One of Vélez's more publicized relationships was with actor Gary Cooper. Vélez met Cooper during the filming of The Wolf Song, and began a two-year affair with him. About her romance with Cooper, Dietrich said: "Gary was totally under the control of Lupe". When Cooper filmed Morocco, he found time to have an affair with Dietrich, despite the constant presence of Vélez on the set.

In 1984, in a house filled with guns, booze, and blow, the Grammy-winning singer and his father had their final skirmish, this time over misplaced business papers. After Gaye knocked his father to the floor, 70-year-old Marvin Sr. got up, retrieved the pistol his son had given him for Christmas, and shot him twice at point blank range, killing him instantly. In a jailhouse interview, Gay Sr. was asked if he loved his son. He responded, “Let’s say that I didn’t dislike him.”