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for something good. not AMW :)

for something good. not AMW :)

Bucket list

Bucket List--I don't fancy growing old, but if it's with the man I love, I suppose I'm ok with that! We are almost to year here's to many, many more!

my perfect guy would...

I'd love a guy who would do this. Offer me his arm, hold open a door and let me go through first or pull out my chair and push me in at dinner.

Requested by: raining-sunflowers DONE

I was always the best in my class and I enjoyed it so much (I love learning & school), except high school when I had some mess years because of my privacy. But now I came back to myself.

In the dark of course.

Omg we do this all the time! We by like a million dollar packs of glow sticks (the wristband kind) then you wait until its super dark and then it just turns into a HUGE war:) it's BLAST!

Want to do this so badd

My idea of FUN! buy an old bus, replace seats with beds and road trip the states with good people. bucket list like nobodies business.