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I always think Dusttale Sans is cool! And his story is sad and mad at the same time.

Sans the Skeleton | Undertale

New Game Undertale My Skeleton Sans Casual Short Sleeve White Teenager T-shirt

He'd be a good dad I think by Dark--Gaia mah heart.mah poor wittle heart just.

sans and chara | undertale

Then sans jumps up in the air and gaster blasts the SHIT out of chara>>>I feel something crawling on my back and it isn't sins.nope it's pure fear.

Oh sir, we got a badass over here

Oh shit, we got a badass over here. Asriel dreemur in undertale gastertale

-_-                                                          (the newest fad in facial expressions- that's how you do it right? )

Undertale: Image Gallery

-_- (the newest fad in facial expressions- that's how you do it right? )<<< Why, of course.

Papyrus Caught a Human by DragonWhisperer15.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Papyrus Caught a Human by on DeviantArt So freaking CUTE! I love Sans and Papyrus! Undertale is such an amazing game

Sans: Hola,niña

frans❤ [Español Comic's] - Hola,niña...

Sans: Hola,niña

Holy stars Pap..... That is wayyy to impressionable. And then his face at the end is so starry

Papyrus' early years and how he got the idea to join the royal guard.

sans, Frisk, Toriel>>>> Making ships sail with cannons since 2015:

(I DON'T ship Soriel, but this is so funny) sans, Frisk, Toriel>>>> Trying to sail ships with cannons since 2015

Undertale: Just Give Up, I Did by Shrineheart

Undertale, Sans and Frisk Comment: I love how take me home by Hollywood undead…