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Sagittarius: At the worst of their stubbornness, a Sagittarius doesn't give two fucks if you're mad at them will act like you don't exist <---- true story


I do that all the time! I don't care where I am, I will sing and blast my music up.of course on the road I have my headphones on, I am consider it to other people.

Meeee!!! Sagittarius (:

Zodiac City Sagittarius ( i dont judge people on rumors i have to met them to see for myself)

oh my goodness yes. And that's why I rarely give second chances to people who hurt me.

I have forgiven you for the last twelve years, and I forgive you now. The only difference is this time I removed myself from your life so you won't have to ask forgiveness and I won't have to say "NO"!

What's sexy about virgo?

What's sexy about Virgo? Everything - they normally don't put up with bullsh*t lies, or people wasting their time.