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Holy gorgeous batman. Skylar freakin' Astin. Marry me?

So I have a new crush hes in Pitch Perfect and his name is Skylar Astin. Lets watch The Breakfast Club together Skylar ;

Watch Kristen Bell Adorably Lose Her Shit Over a Sloth

Watch Kristen Bell Adorably Lose Her Shit Over a Sloth

So funny - Kristen Bell's Sloth Meltdown - Kristen Bell loves sloths. I Kristen Bell

"20 Ways Cory And Topanga Gave You Unrealistic Expectations About Relationships  -Cory and Topanga have scarred you for life and you don't even know it." -by Matt Stopera

When we were two, we were best friends. I mean, I knew everything about this girl. I knew her favorite color, her favorite food. Then we became six, Eric made fun of me because it wasn’t cool to have a best friend that was a girl .

Gotta love Fat Amy (: Watching it right now on HBO!

Snape/Fat Amy "not a good enough reason to use the word 'penetrate'"

Skylar Astin. SO CUTE. Just letting y'all know, he was on broadway, in Spring Awakening to be exact. He was Georg. :)

Skylar Astin: Five Things to Know About Pitch Perfect's Love Interest

Pitch Perfect - Aca-Inappropriate Version, NO SERIOSULY DONT watch it around other people, its so funny though

Pitch Perfect - Aca-Inappropriate Version -- Totally hilarious clips of completely inappropriate versions of scenes from the movie.

Pajama awesomeness…

Pajama awesomeness…

Hey girl, let's wear footy pajamas and snuggle. Ellen & Ryan Gosling in Ellen Shop onesies!

Some told me this song was original to this movie. No. No. Just. No. This song is from The Breakfast Club, you Uncultured Swine.

"As you walk on by, will you call my name?" From film Pitch Perfect: Song: "Dont you forget about me" *Ill never forget about crying with 3 of my besties from laughter this movie. I literally near fell out of the movie theater seat. Aca-Believe it.

Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum in dresses pretending to be teenage girls. I LIKE THAA-AT! haha! @Kirsten Winther thanks for showing me and quoting it ALL THE TIME! EW!

Channing Tatum & Jimmy Fallon as ugly little teenage girls. EMILY this is so funny! Sara without the h because h's are EW! I died laughing!

one of my all time favorite movies!!!

Now A favorite movie of mine when I was growing up! Now A favorite movie of mine when I was growing up! Now A favorite movie of mine when I was growing up!

PITCH PERFECT!! One of the funniest movies I've seen in a while

Rebel Wilson Fat Amy Pitch Perfect - "You have a little something behind your ear. Leave it. It fuels my hate fire.

Oh, hi I’m Helen. You’re from Milwaukee? Oh, I’m sorry. Have you met Lillian? She’s my best friend. Oh yeah I know we’ve only known each other for five minutes!

"Have you met Lillian? She's my best friend, we've known each other for 5 minutes.Oh, you live in Milwaukee?