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I'm not a princess. I don't need saving. I'm a freaking queen. I got this shit handled.

yes and i know a few folks that would LOVE to join me.....lol

When karma comes back…

When karma comes back to punch you in the face, I wannabe there.just in case it needs help. If I ever see you in person again. I will punch you in the face!

True chiz. :)

Kendrick one of the realest rappers; He always being tha heat🔥🔥🔥


The typical workweek. Or as I like to call it.day four of the hostage situation

This should be part of my job description

It isn't that I'm not a people person. I'm just not a stupid people person. A great way to deal with difficult people is not to deal with difficult people.

kind of like right now at this exact moment.

This is me at the moment.feel paralyzed by the to-do lists facing me at home and work.