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Gallery of Edogawa Garage Club Renovation / Jun’ichi Ito Architect & Associates - 4

House of Agostos / Pedro Domingos Arquitectos

The transformative substance of this project consists of a parcel of land that is integrated into the agricultural system of Barrocal and a small house in ruins The ruin of traditional genesis, displays the characteristics of the...

Jarego House / CVDB arquitectos

Built by CVDB arquitectos in Cartaxo, Portugal with date Images by FG+SG – Fernando Guerra. The house is located in a lot with 8 x 40 meters x 120 feet) in the urban historical fabric of the city of Cartax...

Macquarie Bank / Clive Wilkinson Architects

2 Courts House / Keiji Ashizawa Design

Built by Keiji Ashizawa Design in Tokyo, Japan with date Images by Daici Ano. The project is constructed in typical Tokyo urban condition of closely built surrounding. The 4 story house resolves ...