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Art @ Massac: 2011 Art Club

This is the last project of 2010 that my Grade Art club did. They painted the celling tiles based off of famous artists. They turned ou.

Tin foil, yarn, cardboard, and sharpies. This makes a cool low relief sculpture. Start by teaching about line variations, and color schemes (monochromatic, analogous, etc.). Cool project for 6-7th grade.

Tin foil, yarn, cardboard, sharpies to make low relief sculpture. Covers line variations, and color schemes. Good for Exploratory and Art I.

Paper Infographic

Pattern Matters: Tangible Paper Infographic Pattern Matters is a graphic design-based project inquiring on possible ways to augment the role of pattern by looking into the design process and tactile exploration through pattern making.

Magic Carpets!  Cool!  Pin them right to the dropped panel ceiling!

Central Idea: Patterns help us make sense of the world. Visual Arts Line of Inquiry: How patterns are used in Middle East.

Art @ Massac: WIP's

Here are a few WIP's (works in progress) for my art club students for their ceiling tiles.

Architectural Models

Architectural Models