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A hospice nurse passed this along to me. As one of her patients was getting close to passing over, the patient said that she was sensing someone in a secluded area of the room. She was given a small camera to try to capture what she was seeing. (She took this photo at night). When the film was developed, this is what appeared. This is my photograph of the photograph. Again, there could be many things that account for this shot, but I believe that this indeed is a photo of an angel. ~ Denise…

The Girl who wasn't there Excerpt of original article by Kathy Gearing which appeared in the Spring 2006 Newsletter. Photograph: provided by Lee Moynes and taken by his friend Joan. This photograph was taken on a wet, drizzly day on Dartmoor on the 14th June 2002. The photographer had been sitting in the car watching the ponies...

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Holy rainbow! Rare Buddha's Halo appears over mountain in China

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Only in the south can you picnic beside a 300 year old live oak. Park your blanket near one of the south's ancient lice oaks, such as the Angel Oak on Johns Island near Charleston. It has sheltered picknickers under its cathedral like canopy (17000 square feet of shade) for three centuries, surviving the American Revolution, the Civil War, the 1889 Earthquake, and Hurricane Hugo. Talk about Southern Fortitude.

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Hull House Apparition

Fanham Wood Mill, January 1929. Robert D. Walsh took this photo during renovation in order to measure the staircase for timber. He says at the time nothing was unusual except for his dog's behavior. This is what appeared in the photo. This form within the fire seems 'angelic' and definitely interesting. Had to share it!