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Black Cat looks like Annie

"When you come upon your cat deep in meditation, staring thoughtfully at…

Kitty licking window

Not sure if this is a willy wonka reference, or a super troopers reference. Either way, it's hilarious!

Love me some black cats!

Lykoi Cats The Werewolf Cat Everything You Need To Know

Black Cat in the window

reflection :: mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest one of all.

By Monika Małek

Monika Malek’s talented work. Malek is well known for her cute cat photography, in fact she considers herself a ‘Catographer.’ She focuses her lens on capturing the true beauty of felines big and small.

#Black Cats love Emeralds..#Luxury.com

Emerald Cat - beautiful black cat with emerald green eyes and a huge emerald pendant around it's neck.

This sure beats that " pussycat graveyard " Mac reminds me of when I destroy something in a fit of peak. Poe( the cat not the author) had a thing about graveyards.

I love my black kitty!!! This is just cute.

Who says cats don't like water? Maybe if more of them knew about bubble baths, they would all love bath time!

black cat - beautiful shot!!

Just love black cats! Pure mysterious beauty - This makes me miss my baby!

tumblr_nifn8mBWqa1tc91ixo1_500.jpg (500×749)

autumndreaming: Need a little NOW. Kthxbye-- This is a beautiful black cat walking along a fallen tree log. The autumn background with the black cat, gives this photo a real Halloween feel.

Black Cat

"When you come upon your cat deep in meditation, staring thoughtfully at…