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French Country Farmhouse - After Christmas decorating at our farmhouse includes hanging colorful quilted pieces in the stair railing - the colorful red poppies help warm up my heart in this COLD weather season --

This is the second bedroom upstairs in the farmhouse - the same French country wallpaper is used in this room as well - the antique wooden bed was won at a farm auction years ago ----

The art print I chose for this last bedroom looked very French Country so I hung it in this room --- -I purchased this print years ago on a trip to New Orleans -- a good place to find something French ---

I have a fetish about vintage dishes especially bluebird patterns - they were stored at present in a cardboard box under a bed - my painting project included a dark blue to accent the already existing French Country wallpaper so I dusted off the bluebird plates to display on the new wall color ---

French Country Farmhouse - The other red quilted piece is now displayed as well - this one reminds me that spring will bring back all our feathered friends to our farmhouse garden -----

Bookcase decor in living room - I am still working on the French Country style look

The latest completed project at The French Farmhouse - I created new curtains in my foyer bay window from washed burlap, muslin ruffles and black grosgrain ribbon - then I stenciled with some French stencils and hung them with tension rods - What do you think of the result ?

Changing of the quilt display happened at the farmhouse this week. I finished this folk art appliqué quilt called No Place Like Home several years ago from a design book by BlackBird Designs.