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Police lock rioting Arabs inside al-Aksa Mosque, clear Temple Mount for visiting Jews -- Police at al-Aksa Mosque, Temple Mount, Jerusalem, October 13, 2014 Photo By: ISRAEL POLICE

Volunteer Arab soldier for the private Army of the Jerusalem Grand Mufti are sworn in on December 15, 1947 at Abu Dis, a small Palestinian village, near Jerusalem, Israel.

Palestenian Children Murdered! Oh the Brutalilty! its like the Holocaust against the Palestineans!

Free palestine* Who will stop the United States of Israel...Israel is now ON TOP of the USA, they did 9/11 and brought in a Police State - Next Syria and Iran then ALL the world...*

Because terrorizing and torturing kids is their aim,IDF the most moral army in the world,like hell!!

Five Palestinian children have recently been sentenced to Life In Prison for throwing stones at an Israeli Occupation Force "armoured vehicle". Aged 12 to 16 years old.


Evin Jiyan on


Arrested of Many Palestinian Children by Zionist Army “Israeli Army”