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George Bush: Miss me Yet?

hell yes. Since gas is up since Out changie thingies

Funny I tell my hubby this all the time...he says "get up beautiful, time for work" :)

"I'm too pretty to work." Plus my husband told me the other day that he doesn't want me to go back to work.

cool i am iron man - funny 3 word saying

Logical proof that female = Iron Man! Then that means. Iron Man is a female?

stefon -one of my favorite SNL charactors

I laughed SO hard when this aired. I love Stephon. I darn near peed my pants. then later at the airport we just kept giggling to each other about it. I shouldn't love Stephon, but I do.

Haha, I have said this so many times...  And I pin this as I am repinning all of these sinful desserts ;)

thin then.I wish I was as thin as I was when I went to Tops for the first time because I thought I was too fat!

gingerbeach reminds me of my sister! !!!

Redhead Jokes

Funny Weekend Ecard: 'I can't wait to show my tan from the beach to everyone!' Said no Ginger Ever.

J-E-L-L-O-SHOTS! Not just for college kids anymore! {GM}

Are you saying…

Bill Cosby: Are you saying College kids put alcohol in my jello? (No wonder why he's so funny.

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She'd be "the Mom! and not only smarter than Dad . smarter than any of Dad's friends too!