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Chinese street artist Chen Yingjie, aka Hua Tunan’s splatters take this to the level of a completely new art form

Bronze age Acupuncture [针刺] charts from Hua Shou; ‘Shi si jing fa hui’ (Expression of the Fourteen Meridians), Ming Dynasty [China], 1340s. [Tokyo: Suharaya Heisuke kanko, Kyoho gan, 1716 edition]

Erh-Hu - China culture Liu Tianhua, Hua Yanjun. Erh-Hu is prevalent across China. It is widely used as an accompanying instrument in many local dramas such as Yueh Opera, Huangmei Opera and Guangdong Opera. Being prevailing in the Tang Dynasty, Erh-Hu was originated by nomads in North China with a local name as "Xiqin" or "Huqin". It was called "Jiqin" in the Song Dynasty with extremely high performance level, while in the Ming and Qing Dynasty, it was spread throughout China…

In honor of Mulan's 15th anniversary // Movie Friday: 15 Artist Recreations of Disney???s Mulan