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Researchers dial in to ‘thermostat’ in Earth’s upper atmosphere

Researchers dial in to ‘thermostat’ in Earth’s upper atmosphere

Seeds on the investigation table.

Seed investigation table from tishylishy

Investigation station idea-use hands to feel what's in each box and try to match the picture with each box- stick on with Velcro

Teach with Trash: Tissue Box Science It would be a good idea to use these as mystery boxes. Place six items in boxes and have them guess what the objects are or what they may all have in common. Could be used to introduce a new unit or book.

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Autumn Investigation Area, another nice idea, could adapt this with feely bags on the display.

how to make Fizzing fairy potions science

Science Activity: Fizzing Fairy Potions

Enjoy a brilliant science activity for kids with these fizzing fairy potions! Fabulously sparkly, colourful and frothy, they are sure to inspire some wows!

Nestpirations: We're Going On a Bear Hunt

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Discovery Bottles for science station

Investigation Area - shell exploration

Investigation Area - shell exploration Uses a book for inspiration.

Magnetic sorting investigation.

(Pin N) Magnetic sorting investigation- children can explore ideas engaging with and co-constructing meaning through play- based learning. Children resource their own learning through connecting with material and exploring ideas and theories through play.

teach your little ones the different feeling of texture art concept year 2 quarter 1

Teaching texture: hands w/ sandpaper, waxed paper, cotton, beans, and macaroni