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Before a Greek Orthodox Christening can even take place, however, an official sponsor, known as a godparent, must be chosen

In the Greek Orthodox Church, the Christening is an important occasion. It is during this ceremony where the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Chrism are performed and it is the official beginning of the the individual’s Christian life. To celebrate this day, family and friends are invited to witness this important rite. Have you... View Article

Have you ever wondered who was responsible for paying for a Greek Christening? Turns out, the godparents and parents are both responsible. Here's more info.

Are you getting ready to have a Greek Orthodox Christening? Here is a list of everything you need for the blessed event.

The baptism is an integral part of a Greek Orthodox Christening, but there are two additional. Holy Communion and Chrismation make the three sacraments.

Someone you love has asked you to be their child's Godparent. How do you decide whether or not to become a Godparent? Here are some tips.

Here are some of the top Greek Orthodox Christening essentials that you'll need for the ceremony and the reception of your child's baptism.

Are you invited to a Greek Christening? Unsure of what to wear or what gift to bring? Here is some advice that can help you.

Once you have a child, it’s time to start thinking about the baptism. Holy Baptism is the first sacrament that an Orthodox Christian participates in. Since it marks the beginning of the child’s Christian life, this is a celebratory and happy time that is normally shared with family and friends. There are two things that... View Article

There are seven Holy Sacraments in the Greek Orthodox Church. During the Christening ceremony, two sacraments are performed - Baptism and Chrismation.