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Bildschirmarbeiter - Picdump 10.02.2017

Picdump 10.02.2017

This would have too be one of my ultimate dream places too go! I pick lake glas out of lake superior all the time but never anything this brilliant in color or vast!

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An artist’s lament… every day in drawing. you are getting better everyday but still it's so true drawings always look completely different from inside ur head before u draw them

Bored Panda has compiled an amazing list, which reveals the behind-the-scenes action of the masters of photography. We urge you to take a peek inside how some of the most contemporary photographs ...

15 Images That Reveal The Truth Behind Photography

17 Hairstyles That Everyone Can Relate To

17 Hairstyles That Everyone Can Relate To

Curly hair probs No joke my hair does the hair dryer one exactly like that

Be Here Now

Before the Night

Be Here Now by Christine Lindstrom - An inspirational phrase is surrounded by lovely watercolor flowers.