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Oie!   Details ✨  .  .  #lookdodia #look #looks #details #moda #feedrosa #feedorganizado #jeans

Oie! Details ✨ . . #lookdodia #look #looks #details #moda #feedrosa #feedorganizado #jeans

▶//Bright filter! ▶Cost:Free ▶Looks best with: Everything! ▶Feed Theme Meter:8/10 - Almost 9K Thank You so much!

Tried 4 ▶//Bright filter! ▶Cost:Free ▶Looks best with: Everything! ▶Feed Theme - Almost Thank You so much!

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❕ amazing pink-ish filter perfect for theming. it goes with all type of photos, and colours (but best with pink, lilac and purple. maybe with other colours it looks non-saturated, so just put of saturation). perfect for selfies, and make


saturated good for pink or any pastel colored subjs is free on the vsco store. help me spread this acc guys tag your friends qotp: pink or blue?

50款VSCO CAM调色教程,你都上手了吗?

не для светлых ❕ another of my top 3 filters works on anything & looks soo good for a feed . works especially well on dark / brown pics keep commenting filters!

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BLUE GRUNGE - This is a free filter and good for a blue theme! - Looks good on most things, I wouldn't recommend it for selfies but you can always give it a try!