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Ah f**k right in the feels

Ah f**k right in the feels

Ah f**k right in the feels----I dead inside, why are my eyes wet?

6 Sketches With Strong Meaning of the Actual Society.

6 Sketches With Strong Meaning of the Actual Society.

it costs nothing to encourage an artist

ZEN PENCILS – Cartoon quotes from inspirational folks. One of my all time favorite Kevin Smith quotes!

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I am just starting to find my color, and as I do others true color starts to show

Is it just me or they look like My Little Monster?

"Hello There" -Obi Wan Kenobi <(Star Wars) (Anime: My Little Monster//Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun)

I'm not really one for Yuri but the tamen di gushi is an exception because it never fails to make me laugh

Tamen De Gushi 53 - Read Tamen De Gushi 53 Manga Scans Page Free and No Registration required for Tamen De Gushi 53

I just realized, after seeing this post twice, that this is what my best friend does to herself and this just made me so sad. I think she is amazing and beautiful but she doesn't see herself as anything and I want to help her with this so much.

Self assessment- worst enemy

For male characters, the important part is the upper body, so let's continue on to my favorite(?) section of this lect~  1 - Well now that you have your head, draw the sloping-down shoulders. The red blocks/shapes here vaguely represent the muscle structure underneath.  2 - Guy's chest line is usually higher than a female's. Remember that the nipples are NOT in the MIDDLE of the breast..that is just weird.   3 - Here it might look difficult, but the more you practice drawing it, you'll find…

JY/circus-usagi here (: This lecture will show you how to draw a generally fit anime male character, from facial structure to male anatomy. (i used paint tool SAI for this)

KnT #88

edit : Now that some people pointed it out it does kind of look like that Spongebob halloween episode haha KnT - 88