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Quiet Ones Challenge Day 4: Talk about your closest friends: I adore them so much for putting up with me and my bipolar quiet-loudness. Of course, around them I am often super loud because I am used to them and know them, but they aren't quiet either. My friends are weird like me, and that's why our friendship works so well. It isn't a bad weird, it's a spectacular one.

I would be embarrassed if I was pared up with my crush but the guy that I have a crush on is like my BEST guy friend so I guess it wouldn't matter cuz he's funny and I love guys who make me laugh!!!<3

Okay, okay, so I did take an elective econ course my final year that showed me how to do taxes & what they were but the rest...yeah.

23 Things That Can Only Get Better From Here

<b>Things will be looking up...soon!</b>

Make Me Laugh

Make Me Laugh