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Persephone and Hades

Persephone and Hades

The fact that the guy who played Chuck is the same guy who voiced Flynn Ryder and said this, as well as "here comes the smolder" is overwhelming.

The Randomness of a Teenage Writer: Character Introduction: Olly Brighton // My new character obsession.

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Minimalist posters of Disney Movies.they need more like Little Mermaid, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast to be my disney childhood but I love these posters.

Ahhh... I don’t have a little brother... OH WELL IM DOING THAT AT MU OLDER BROTHERS GRADUATION

I'm totally going to do this at all four of my younger siblings graduations

Tangled. Awwww, love how Eugene is standing off in the back there. And Rapunzel's face!!!! Almost indescribable.

I love this part because of the similarities between all of them. Rapunzel and the queen both have the same look on their faces and the same thing goes for Eugene and the king. Thank you, previous pinner!

*this scene playing* me:  *having the worst fangirl squee ever*

for the first time ever, the person she loves focuses on her rather than her hair. he pushes it out of the way to get to her while her mother only ever touched her hair. THIS IS JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL