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Candy Crush Saga Addicts This reminds me of you Jiménez Rojas

Donald Duck....on Fire!!!

to that love/hate relationship with Candy Crush. I hope my friends know that I'm not deleting the game only because they rely on me for lives and tickets ;

True Story!

True Story!

Ooo BTW I need u to send me 4 lifes and a ticket

This is so true, my sister has made me an addict. A candy crush addict.

Candy Crush Addict

Saga Items On Etsy

I clearly need this :P

Image result for candy crush humor

Image result for candy crush humor

Candy Crush Funny Pictures | Candy Crush

haha i hate chocolate and play candy crush!

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Inviting your friends to play candy crush is like hosting an intervention and providing the crack.



Candy crush

Candy crush

Damn you, Candy Crush Saga! Damn you!!

I've been playing "Candy Crush Saga" NONSTOP! In class, at home, on the bus…

Candy Crush.  I'll bet I've played Level 159 two hundred times so far.

The struggle of candy crush. ya know sometimes I forget its just a game

Candy crush theme

Homemade Candy Crush Color Bomb Candies ~ Oh my gosh no way! Not just because they're super easy either.


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For all the Candy crush addicts


My intense desire to unfriend you is outweighed by the enjoyment I feel gawking at the huge trainwreck that is your life. Sadly I know a few people like this on my friends list!