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Quote: others who take part in child labor should be punished. I am exempt from this when my kids are acting crazy.

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and let me just add that even if your question isn't ALL THAT STUPID my answer may still be sarcastic Why? Because it's so freakin' fun to be me, that's why! Who am I you ask? Just some sarcastic bitch reading between the lines...on your face! Hahahahaha

Lily has a small stash of "treasures" that she keeps behind her pillow- a full-pageTropicana coupon ad, a business card from a woman dressed as Merida, and a stretchy gecko with the legs missing. I'm learning to get sneaky with throwing stuff away to avoid having a mini-hoarder on my hands! ♥

It makes conversations MUCH more interesting especially if you know the other person thinks the same way.....dv