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The Internet is going crazy about the picture of two adopted kittens, Louie and Luna, kissing next to a Christmas tree. Yup, love is in the air, and thanks to

12 Things All Shy Girls Do When They’re In A New Relationship

12 Things All Shy Girls Do When They're In A New Relationship

Post with 8156 votes and 1484392 views. Shared by StapleGunz. MRW my roommate and his girlfriend start fighting but I hear my name brought up.


"The cure for everything is salt water-sweat, tears, or the sea" -Isak Dinesen

coby the cat with prettiest eyes More

~~ This Cat Has The Most Beautiful Eyes EVER! ~~ Coby The Cat has undoubtedly the most beautiful eyes.

イケうな→アゴうな |うなぎ(うなちゃん)さんのTwitterで話題の画像

イケうな→アゴうな |うなぎ(うなちゃん)さんのTwitterで話題の画像

Play with me… it's a gift @Rachel

Play with me…

This temperament is what makes Samoyeds so perfect for homes with kitties. When this tiny kitten did not shy away from booping this pooch.