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18 Tumblr Posts About Sex That Are Really Weirdly Funny

(During sex) girlfriend: why are u laughing? me: thought of a meme.

We live in the age when, if you are playing Guess Who, asking if they are male or female is an impossible question

Pewdiepie says: DON'T LEWD THE DOKIS. | Doki Doki Literature Club | Know Your Meme

Pewdiepie says: DON'T LEWD THE DOKIS.

Sign me right the fuck up

Sign me right the fuck up

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Or when my 16 year old daughter comes in the living room with 'that look'. You know, the one where seems like she might have just buried a body and she's waiting for the next victim to speak......

It's funny but I can't relate since I don't have a dog << when you hear barking near you but you don't have a dog---- my darn dog always does this, and the cat always stares at the back of my head, or at the walls there's no one there damn it!

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why feel emotions when you can have breadsticks and dank memes to make you get sick and forget your broken dreams yO