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Star Wars backstage behind the scenes ;-)~❤~

Chewbacca takes a break, 1976 Technically he's not a person, but wookie or not, I Like him ah lot.

Anakin & Obi-Wan

The guy from trainspotting and the guy from jumper.one guy is an awesome actor who gave a great performance as a Jedi Master in the prequel, the other single handily (see what i did there) KILLED THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE

Harrison Ford as Han Solo (Star Wars)

Another Princess Leah pin for my Star Wars board. Great Image Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford goofing off on set (Princess Leia & Han Solo, Empire Strikes Back)

Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back | Behind The Scenes (copyright Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Harrison Ford, Han Solo waiting to film next scene of Empire Strikes Back Star Wars

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (for the Original Trilogy Remastered OGN) by Adi Granov Not gonna lie, I love RotJ art that doesn’t feature slave Leia!

The Most Thrilling Star Wars Art We've Seen in Ages

The Most Thrilling Star Wars Art We've Seen in Ages

*STAR WARS ~ A scene from the short story "The Last One Standing: The tale of Boba Fett" - Han Solo + Boba Fett point blasters at each other in a tense standoff on Jubilar. (Painting by: Chris Trevas).