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I did used to love Snape but I've come to realise hes a nasty bully. He hated harry all the Time , when harry did nothing

When Ron left<----something else from this scene that was different from the book is that the first picture NEVER happened like that in the book!! They weren't nude, first of all, and they were pictures in the locket, not big sexual ghost!

Ashley's Favorite Harry Potter Buzz Of 2011

Hog warts will always be there waiting and it will forever be my home. | This quote makes me tear up every time I see it.

Occasionally he shows up when they're gardening and asks why they went with gardenias instead of petunias.

Harry Potter Characters Are Reimagined in AMAZING Fan Art

Can you believe that this is *not* animated? They build a machine. It's mechanic! You can see it in London - Warner Brother's - Harry Potter Studios! :D