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Poster of black inventors

Why not round up all the slave names and commemorate them on a wall, like that veteran shit. Stop trying to tell me that blacks aren't lazy with lamemes

Prayer when feeling overwhelmed.

A prayer for when you are feeling overwhelmed. Lord please let me find rest in You alone. Lord I know you want me to live in devotion to you. To walk in your will, not the crazy demands of this world. Help me to slow down, to say

Afro-based historic media and sources - Comunidade - Google+

Africans did not sell their own. They sold a different tribe; hebrew Israelites, that had fled into their land. Those Hebrew Israelites were brought to America. -Part of the 12 tribes of Israel- ACT LIKE IT

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Two Races of Negroes?  "That there are two distinct races of negroes in the south, that one race is peaceful and docile and law-abiding, and that 98 per cent of all the negro criminals come from the other race..."  ~ Columbus Ledger, July 30, 1910

Columbus Ledger, July Garden variety racism just isn’t good enough for a certain class of deep thinker. A-Team fucking B all day.

hebrew israelite videos | RasTafari Videos - Lion of Judah Conscious Videos, Ethiopian, African ...

RasTafari Videos - Lion of Judah Conscious Videos, Ethiopian, African, Caribbean, American Educational Videos

So called blacks are from the tribe of JUDA :-) :-) ( CT, Indo-europeans/aboriginal people of Europe )