Fun facts about your sign here. Best learn about Leo's quick in case your friend is a Leo. This is coming from a leo

Fun facts about your sign here

I don't mind spending money on the little things, but I can't afford extravagant gifts.


This is very fitting considering I am recently so tired of cleaning up after baby and husband. My roar was heard tonight

Leo's Are Always Quality Over Quantity handmade from the heart is even better!!

Leos appreciate all the best things in life. So, when planning anything special, always remember that quality outdoes quantity all day, every day to a Leo!

I don't chase. Period. I might offer a second chance but then done after that. My mom didn't raise me to continue catering to people that hurt me. She raised me to believe there will be others that won't hurt me and to find patience. She's right. Always has been. I don't stay with someone just because it's a person and there is love. That doesn't make things okay.  It's just makes things harder.

But if we were in an actual relationship then i would be a bit jealous but anything but that then see ya haha