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More like 50% I'll see a weeping Angel or get attacked by a Vasta Nerada, and 50% I'll see a face looking back at me.

??? When school starts back I'm totally gonna see if I wear my backpack on my left shoulder.

He couldn't beat a bunch of kids with basic magic skills. How is he gonna take on a bunch of people who are ready to kill?

from eBay


Cocktail (1988), Tom Cruise. We only watched it because of Tom.

I am laughing so hard even though I am home schooled lol I would plan it for my siblings though!

Also, some people do this if they are protective of their work, or don't want anyone to see what they're writing/drawing.

I'm going to get a dog when I move to collage and on and name it Alone... Then when someone asks if ill be alright by myself I can say "I like being alone, Alone protects me"

SO SAD. I mean can you imagine all the kids bullying sherlock and calling him names and going to the library to see why everyone detested him? He's a high-functioning sociopath...he did his research *goes to corner to sob*

If Levi smiled the fandom would die. We'd all just go, 'Well now he's happy.' He'll smile at the end. Make it happen Isayama. Don't mess the ending up.