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Curiosity meets N165. A minor social faux pas ensues.

Curiosity meets A minor social faux pas ensues. By Meghan Murphy

Very informative infograghic on Curiosity's landing on Mars

This infographic depicts the suspenseful 7 minutes it takes for Curiosity (Mars Science Laboratory) to get from the top of Mars' atmosphere to its surface. Represented are the Entry, Descent and Landing phases, often referred to simply as "EDL" by JPL.

Rover to Land on Mars by Sky Crane (Infographic)

NASA's Mars Science Laboratory, also known as the Curiosity Mars rover, is a huge six-wheeled robot the size of a small car. The nuclear-powered rover won't land using rockets or airbags like past Mars missions. Instead, NASA has built a rocket-propelled


Could Stress Lead to Dementia? (Yes, But Read This Before You Panic) Alzheimer’s disease is projected to affect 80 million people in the next 20 years, and we’re only in our infancy of understanding the cause(s) of this most common form of dementia.

He'd make all of Major Winger's dreams come true. (Illustration by Julieta Colás)

engelen: “ “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I scolded Leonard today, and according to Greendale bylaws, I now have to grant him three wishes.

I wonder if he can do the Peanuts dance too... (My Neighbor Peanut by Azafran/HUÉRCAL DE ALMERÍA)

My Neighbor Peanut “My Neighbor Peanut” by Azafran Mashup from My Neighbor Totoro and Peanuts.

The IT Crest #TheITCrowd

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" The IT Crowd Crest by Tom Trager.

Game of Kitties

Katie Cook’s Game of Thrones (Game of Cats?) print for San Diego Comic-Con.