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5 Lost Survival Lessons I Learned from the Amish

5 Lost Survival Lessons I Learned from the Amish

I found these Amish Home Remedies on the internet and just have to share them.  I had to laugh at some of them! Since my sister, Kelly has lived near the Amish for the last 25 years we always enjoy...

Amish Home Remedies

The Lapp family, who eventually agreed to be filmed for the BBC documentary Amish: A Secret Life, even though photography is banned by the Amish.

Lancaster, PA. Predominantly Amish town. Incredible place to visit.

The smell of baling hay. ( This is how my Dad baled his hay most of the times.square bales loaded right onto the hay wagon.

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Getaway in Ohio's Amish Country

Holmes County, Ohio - A woman hangs laundry at Yoder's Amish Home. Tours here explain how Amish use straight pins to fasten their clothing to avoid ostentatious buttons and buckles.

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The word Amish evokes thoughts of horse buggies, rolling acres of farmland, and most importantly, a more simplified life. Although the Amish live modestly, they

Here are a few suggestions to help you make Plain food choices—the bonus is, they’re good for your health and good for the Earth, too!

Laura Weymouth shares 3 ways you can eat like the amish on Not Quite Amish Living

News Photo : A Amish woman displays a tray of chocolate...

Sarah King passes her mother's recipe for the Amish Christmas tradition of milk-chocolate-covered pretzels to her daughter, Marian.

RWC: The Amish people are really humble and they have calm and peacful lifestyles, they make their own clothes and cook their own food.

15 Great Rules Amish Follows in Life

The 2 Hour Amish Heartland Tour is a Tour in Berlin. Plan your road trip to The 2 Hour Amish Heartland Tour in OH with Roadtrippers.

The Ultimate Survivors: The Amish | The Ricochet Report

The Ultimate Survivors: The Amish

One of the topics that comes up over and over online is “The Amish don’t vaccinate” and “the Amish don’t have autism”. Both statements are incorrect. The Amish have no religious prohibition against vaccination and they do have autism.


Adorable Amish Kids (NOT barn animals-but, adorable amish children down on the…

Meals in Amish Homes - Amish Tours of Ohio by Amish Heartland Tours & Receptive

Meals in Amish Homes - Amish Tours of Ohio by Amish Heartland Tours. We had a delicious dinner in an Amish home, and the kitchen looked exactly like this one!