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Nicola Odemann

Nicola Odemann

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30 Love Quotes for Him

Apart from showing your love through actions, often you have to add sweetness to your love by sending cute love quotes for your boyfriend. Show your loved one he is actually loved.

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it really is my biggest problem when i know you are scared to sya what is on your mind and i understand where your coming frm but it is turture to just lead me on like this ~ emily whitley

Imagine him saying that to me, cause that's how I feel every second of everyday about him .

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Not even just that though....just by looking at him and seeing how attractive he is, I silently say a word I don't say often....

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10 ways the person you were meant to be with loves you differently than all the rest 34 Quotes about First Love Everyone Has to Read .

He looks at me differently and he's sweet to me but he won't text me first or talk to me first... Ugh boys are confusing I give up

Yeah just friends don't look at each other that way I know he likes me and and he knows I like him just friends don't look at each other the way we do

I feel this!! wow!! Me, of all people....I love this pitter patter feeling...

35 I Miss You Quotes for Him

If you miss your special guy and you want to text him something sweet, Read on to find 35 perfect I Miss You quotes for him, for when you miss him most.