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Stormette. Nickname: Steamgirl. She's a Hard-Headed girl who doesn't have many friends. She has a Mechanical Red Teddy Bear named Boss. He orders her around but since she doesn't take crap from anyone, they always end up fighting. She's a Junior in Redbay Chime School.

Giant inflatable unicorn pool float

ERMAHGERD! A ERNAHKERN! Imagine showing up to the next neighborhood pool party with this rainbow-hued mystical party animal! It's going to be LEGEN…wait for it…DARY! It's the stuff fairy tales (and epic parties) are made of! And now you can say with a fabulously straight face that your other ride is not only a unicorn, but a Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float!

Don't Be A Halloween Party Pooper: 6+ Easy Ideas!

Little Red Riding Hood | Easy Last-Minute Costume Ideas For Adults | This would be pretty easy to pull off I think, there are red capes everywhere at Halloween stores! Inspiration via DIY Fashion