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For children who dread bath time, Make A Face funky facial expressions will make bath time a blast! A great way to help kids express themselves too...

The Bouncin' Swing is useful for helping to build muscle tone, while stimulating the vestibular and proprioceptive systems. It is machine washable making it easy to clean up while remaining very durable. The Bouncin' Swing is hand-crafted of 100% Baltic Birch with a padded seat made of heavy duty denim. You may choose from two versions: Standard (up to 100lbs) and Heavy Duty (up to 150lbs).

SensGard ZEM

SensGards are an excellent solution for kids who are sensitive to noise. When traveling to a crowded noisy area, these slim, comfortable, fold-up headphones are a must.

Posting a list of things to do, ie. before leaving the bathroom, is a great way to remind children to clean themselves up. Wide spacious lines allow for kids to write their own reminders!

Quick & Easy Pompom Play

have fun and explore textures with this easy and fun sticky window play idea for kids.