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Charity's neighbor. Pulled this one out of nowhere.

Avan Jogia Stands Up to Hate

Meme bts

Meme bts

no clue who he is....but hes attractive ;)

diamonds and unicorns: Hipster: A mistura perfeita entre hips, vintage, grunge e…

PHOTOS: 30 Funny Pictures Of The Queen

' I like that she has become relaxed enough to let her funny side emerge . At her age she deserves to be herself and not just the Queen. She shines' Her Royal Hilariousness: 30 Funny Pictures Of The Queen (PHOTOS)

Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me The Horizon

Your eyes are swallowing me Mirrors start to whisper Shadows start to sing My skin's smothering me Help me find a way to breathe -Sleepwalking BMTH